What is Jagua (Hengua)?

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Jagua is a fruit from the Genipa Americana Tree and grows in the tropical and sub tropical regions of South and Central America and Southern Mexico. 

It has been primarily used by the indigenous people of Columbia, Peru and Panama. 

The juice from the fruit contains a natural dye which leaves a black stain on the skin. It stains the skin in a similar way as henna.

Hengua is a blend of Jagua Juice and Henna. 

When the paste of hengua is first removed from the skin, it stains light grey and darkens over the next 24-48 hours to a black/dark brown. 

If you are allergic to any berries or have very sensitive skin it is advised to test a small patch before doing a full tattoo as some people may be allergic to the Jagua juice. 


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