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The Henna Artist

Iram has had a passion for art her entire life. She would doodle and draw in notebooks from a young age and took art classes in Middle/High School, which only furthered her passion. She enjoyed sketching with pencils and painting with acrylics. She geared towards art styles that were more focused on nature and shapes. 

After high school she pursued her other passion to be in the medical field and became a medical assistant for about 5-6 years. When she met her husband and moved to Oregon she started exploring her passion for art again by playing with Henna. Her husband encouraged her to pursue it more when he noticed how passionate she was about art. 

After practicing on herself, her husband and her daughter, for about 2 years she felt she was ready to start offering it to others as well.

In 2015 she started offering Henna Body Art at Salem Saturday Market which she did for one year. Then that same year she was at The Oregon State Fair in the Artisan Village offering Henna Body Art. Soon after her and her husband opened their own small gift shop in Depoe Bay, OR offering Henna Body art and so much more. They were there for about 2.5 years and relocated and started attending Fairs again in 2019. Now she travels offering Henna Body Art for Private appointments, Weddings, Birthdays, Parties,  Events, Belly Blessings and so much more. 

When she is not doing henna on people (or raising 3 kids lol) she really enjoys using the same concept and style with acrylic paints and applying it on canvases, paper, furniture and so much more. 

She can decorate any piece of furniture, centerpiece, window, wall, door, wedding invites, cards,  vases etc with paint done in Henna Style/Henna Designs.

Also custom orders for any artwork is available as well which can be done on a Canvas Board, Wood or Paper. 

All her art is done Free Hand and typically takes anywhere from 3 hours to 3-4 weeks to complete. 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/khoobsurat_henna

100% Handmade Henna Inspired Wall Art